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The Democratic Women of the Desert is a political club under charter from the Riverside County Democratic Party.

What We Do

We are dedicated to promoting social, economic and political policies that reflect the priorities of women.

How We Do It

We increase awareness and participation by recruiting members and raising contributions for candidates who support our Mission.

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“Now is not the time for complacency or demoting the gender lens in favor of biased and narrow operational realities that fail to accurately represent and see half the population. Gender equality is not just for good times, a luxury good. Gender matters in a crisis”.

World Economic Forum, March 3, 2020

female candidates wear white at the State of the Union

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1 week ago
Chris Murphy

Americans want stronger gun laws - period. It's time to expand background checks and save lives.

1 week ago
Billionaires got 54% richer during pandemic, sparking calls for "wealth tax"

The world's 2,365 billionaires enjoyed a $4 trillion boost to their fortunes the past 12 months, even as poverty surged.

2 weeks ago
Biden admin undoes Trump's policy against transgender troops

Trump's discriminatory ban on transgender military service was obviously indefensible, and now, it's over.

2 weeks ago
Biden to review executive authority to cancel student debt

Biden’s chief of staff said the president asked the Department of Education to conduct a review of his legal authority to cancel debt and will determine how he could proceed.

3 weeks ago
Meet the tribal members 'awakening' the Cahuilla language across Southern California

The pandemic, with its lopsided toll on Native Americans and particularly tribal elders, is underscoring the importance of language education for some.

3 weeks ago
SCOTUS ruled that cops using force could be an illegal seizure. So now what?

The conservative Supreme Courte arguably broadened the ability to sue police officers for misconduct like use of excessive force.

3 weeks ago
The view from the fence

Now chew on this.

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