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92-Year-Old Georgia Voter Blocked

This is why Stacey Abrams won’t quit.

It begins with 92-year-old Christine Jordan, blocked from voting. By Brian Kemp. Watch this 59-seconds and you won’t wonder why Stacey Abrams won’t roll over and concede to Kemp.

Christine Jordan, aged 92, was blocked from voting today, thrown out of the polls with her walker — just one victim of Kemp’s mass cancellation of voter registrations — more than half a million Georgians purged in the night, stealthily, hidden from the public eye.

That’s why I sued Kemp last month in a federal court in Atlanta. To find out the names of every voter, including Grandma Jordan, and expose exactly how Kemp has made their voting rights vanish.

Jordan has been “voting right here since 1968,” says her granddaughter Jessica Lawrence, the year Martin Luther King was shot. Jordan’s vote registration has vanished, no record she EVER voted, though she tells me she’s never missed a vote in these 50 years.

No points for guessing Grandma Jordan is African-American.

And she had no warning, because Brian Kemp’s purge machine strikes with no notice sent. I reviewed my investigative files with Stacey Abrams back in 2014. She told me that what worried her more than anything about Kemp is that, “He is doing this stealthily.”

Abrams also was deeply concerned that our investigation found Kemp was working in secret coordination with Kris Kobach of Kansas. Our new legal actions revealed that Kobach supplied 108,000 of the names that Kemp purged. Purged in secret.

Jordan’s granddaughter can’t stop her tears, standing in the rain, crying. “It’s horrible, …she held civil rights meetings in her home …and they had no record of her. She was here in the West End community when we couldn’t….”

She can’t get out the words, “couldn’t vote.”

“And today, not being able to come out and vote… It’s extremely emotional. And it BOTHERS me. Bothers me to my core.” Then Jessica apologizes for her tears. “I’m sorry.”

But it’s Brian Kemp who should be sorry. We met Mrs. Jordan after escorting Rahiem Shabazz to the same voting station. They told him he couldn’t vote either. So they gave him a provisional ballot.

Kemp has already ruled Rahiem’s vote won’t be counted.

So Rahiem asked me whether he can go to federal court to get his vote counted. I called our lawyers. We are working through the night on it.

I have been with a hundred purged voters today, shunted to provisional ballots.

Stacey Abrams says we have to count those ballots. Not because she’s a candidate, but because she’s an American.

And, Mr. Kemp, this is 2018, not 1958.

I have cancelled all our flights home.

The Palast investigations team will not leave until Mr. Kemp is forced to count every vote. And may I remind you, Mr. Kemp, you are scheduled to meet us in federal court in Atlanta.

And for those of you who think the work of our little team has no effect, just ask Kris Kobach who lost his bid for Governor of Kansas tonight.


Are You One of 769,436 Voters on the Colorado Purge List?

Greg Palast

The Colorado voter purge list contains a whopping 769,436 names. Are you on it?

URGENT: If you’re on the list, re-register NOW!
Colorado’s Online Registration Deadline is Monday, October 29.The list was obtained after a formal complaint and notice of a federal lawsuit was filed by Greg Palast and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

ALERT! [Updated: Oct 22, 2018] Colorado Secretary of State Wayne W. Williams has stonewalled our request for complete information about the voters he has purged — that is, CANCELLED off the voter rolls. Unlike other states, he is keeping secret the address of voters, which the law requires he make public.

 Are You on the Nebraska Voter Purge List?

Greg Palast

We have the Nebraska voter purge list. Are you on it?

URGENT: You only have until just before midnight on Friday, October 19 to re-register online.

90,000 Purged in Vegas and Reno

Are You on the List that will Steal the Senate?
Greg Palast

Today, The Palast Investigative Fund has released the names of the 90,000 residents of Las Vegas and Reno (Clark and Washoe counties) purged from voter rolls based on flawed evidence that indicates they have moved. Nevada is a Senate battleground state and these purges could tip the election.

Rather than face me in federal court, Nevada’s Republican Secretary of State, Barbara K. Cegavske, on Thursday turned over the list of every Nevada voter whose registration Cegavske cancelled in 2016 and 2017.If you’re in Nevada, or know anyone in Nevada, please, please check the purge hit-list. If you’re a victim, you still have until Thursday, October 18 to re-register online. Then, please send us a message: we need your story so we can take action to end this purge scourge.

Are YOU one of the 550,000 Voters on the Illinois Purge List?

Greg Palast

We have the Illinois voter purge list. Are you on it?

The list contains a staggering 550,000 names, and was obtained after a formal complaint and notice of a federal lawsuit was filed by Greg Palast and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

You have until Sunday, October 21 to register online



Indiana Caught Illegally Purging 20,000 Voters – Are You One?

Check the Purge List and Re-Register
Greg Palast

Indiana has purged no less than 20,000 voters, some apparently in violation of a federal court order. Are you one? Check right now.

If you’re on the list, reregister immediately.

A team of database experts, statisticians, lawyers and investigators working with the Palast Investigative Fund discovered — and Indiana now admits — that these thousands of voters were cancelled in violation of a June 2018 federal court order that barred the state from using the notorious Interstate Crosscheck purge list sent to state officials by Kris Kobach, Secretary of State of Kansas.

The court order stemmed from a suit by the NAACP and League of Woman Voters against a 2017 Indiana law ordering counties to remove voters if they appear on Kobach’s list which purports to identify voters who have left the state. The NAACP and League cited the Palast team’s evidence in our 2016 Rolling Stone article showing that Crosscheck is overwhelmingly wrong in identifying voters who have moved — and extremely racist in operation.


Have you been PURGED?

Georgia Voters – you MUST check this NOW
Greg Palast in Atlanta

In response to my threat of a federal law suit, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has coughed up the names and addresses of every one of the 591,000 voters he cancelled off the registration rolls in 2017.

One in ten voters — disappeared WITHOUT NOTICE.

Look up your name or those you know, with the zip code. We’ll send back your entire registration address. If that’s you (or a former address of yours) re-register today – the October 9 deadline is almost here.

Kemp’s purge list includes those wrongly tagged as having left Georgia by Kris Kobach of Kansas, using Kobach’s racially poisonous, long discredited Interstate Crosscheck list.

Especially if your name is Jackson or Hernandes or Kim, check for your name now!

Note: We will be adding another dozen states’ purge lists — they are falling like drunken rats as our lawsuit deadlines near.


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