So A Man Walks In A Bar -- And Messes With The Wrong Women

You have to love this, right? He really stepped in it:

A man outside a nightclub in California decided to sexually harass a woman. He then experienced a major failure in the victim selection process by targeting two young ladies who happen to be professional cage fighters: Leslie Smith and Heather Clark.

Leslie Smith is in the bantamweight division and Heather Clark is in strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Champion mixed martial arts company. They are highly skilled at physically beating opponents into bloody submission.

The man pinched Clark’s bottom. Smith objected, as the tabloid The Mirror describes:

The man then allegedly spat in her face saying “F*** you. I can do whatever I want.”

Smith replied: “No motherf***er, you can’t.”

He then allegedly swung a punch in Smith’s direction, which she dodged, forcing him against a  wall.

She then managed to take him onto the floor where she rained down elbows on him, the Metro reports.

“He turned over and I just dropped elbows on him and mounted him against the building until he started saying, “I’m sorry,” Smith told Bloody Elbow.

“Then I stopped as soon as he said sorry, because that was really the only thing I went over there for.”

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