Democratic Women of the Desert’s Statement on Uvalde

We join the nation in mourning with the families who have lost loved one’s in recent mass shootings, including in Uvalde, Laguna Woods, and Buffalo. These attacks on children in school, worshippers in their house of worship, and people shopping for groceries show that there are too many guns on our streets and in our neighborhoods.

These horrific, hate-fueled, racist attacks must come to an end. It is time for us to collectively say: No more. No more to gun violence, racism, and white supremacy that continues to take innocent lives and tear at the fabric of this nation. Mass shootings in America have become commonplace, and we need federal and state action to end this epidemic of violence and evil.

Democratic Women of the Desert stands committed to advocating for commonsense gun legislation that includes universal background checks, advancing an assault weapons ban, and red flag laws. The time to act is now; we cannot wait.


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