2020 blue wave
Blue Wave 2020
Please Support Our Endorsed Candidates!

We are excited to announce our endorsement for the following candidates seeking our support:

  • Steven Hernandez, Mayor for Coachella
  • Emmanuel Martinez, Coachella City Council
  • Neftali Galarza, Coachella City Council
  • Karina Quintanilla, Palm Desert City Council, District 1
  • Steven Moyer, Palm Desert City Council, District 2
  • Dr. Alisha Wilkens, Temecula City Council, District 2
  • DeniAntionette Mazingo, Esq, Hemet City Council, District 1
  • Paul Ortega, Desert Water District 4
  • Jocelyn Vargas, CVUSD, ¬†Trustee Area 4
  • Stephanie Virgen, CVUSD Trustee Area 1
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