Courtesy WhiteHouse.Gov, February 22, 2016, by Melanie Garunay

Virginia McLaurin, 106 years old and a longtime Washington, D.C. resident, had always dreamed of visiting the White House. Last week, her dream came true in a big way. Check out the video:

Here’s how Virginia McLaurin got to the White House:
A friend of Mrs. McLaurin�s reached out to the White House and shared that Mrs. McLaurin has been doing stellar work as a volunteer throughout the D.C. area for decades and would like to visit the White House. So the White House made sure that she not only got to visit�– but also had the chance, before the Black History Month reception, to meet privately with the President and First Lady backstage. It was her dream to meet President Obama, given his passion for investing in early childhood education and his significance as the first African American President.

Virginia McLaurin is a Senior Corps volunteer at Roots Public Charter School as part of the United Planning Organization�s Foster Grandparent Program, serving as a foster grandparent and mentor to special-needs students. As a mentor, she helps children with their reading and social skills.

Virginia has volunteered at C. Melvin Sharpe Health School for over 20 years, serving 40 hours a week. She was introduced to the program by a friend from her church who knew Virginia was interested in finding ways to make life better for those in her community.

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