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Board Members

2017 Board Members (click on name to view bio and/or print, click on opened photo to enlarge) President:  Amalia Deaztlan Vice-President:  Jacqueline Lopez Secretary:  Bob Warburton Treasurer/Controller:  Peter East Assistant Treasurer:  Kimberly Barraza Membership Chair:  Neftali Galarza Program Chair: Jacqueline Lopez/Erin Teron Political Action Chair: Communications Chair:  Alexis Ortega  


The following bylaws were approved by the members in November, 2004; amended November, 2011; amended June, 2015 BYLAWS OF THE DEMOCRATIC WOMEN OF THE DESERT   ARTICLE I. NAME AND STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The name of this organization shall be the Democratic Women of the Desert. The Democratic Women of the Desert (“DWD”) is a …

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Democratic Party History

At the start of the 21st Century, the Democratic Party can look back on a proud history, a history not just of a political organization but of a national vision. It is a vision based on the strength and power of millions of economically empowered, socially diverse and politically active Americans. Over two hundred years …

Mission Statement, Our Values

MISSION STATEMENT Democratic Women of the Desert, under charter from the County Democratic Central Committee,  is dedicated to promoting social, economic and political policies that reflect the priorities of women. We do this by: educating members on women’s issues; increasing members’ political awareness; increasing political participation of women in the community; actively recruiting women of …


From the Women’s March on January 21, 2017:   ________________________________________________________________________________________ From October 15, 2016, Farewell Brunch for Senator Barbara Boxer @ Lulu’s ________________________________________________________________________________________From February 13, 2016, Hillary Fundraiser   ________________________________________________________________________________________ From January 23, 2016, General Membership Meeting

What We Do

Democracy Matters   Your Democratic Vote Counts Our country was founded on the principles of a Representative Democracy where the citizens eligible to vote would get together from time to time to elect the Representatives who would then go to a certain place to form a congress and conduct the business of the government for the …